Cycling: Coney Island – Singapore


Coney Island

Cost: 20 Singapore Dollars for 3 hours.  Need to leave behind some form of ID while renting a bike.

Watch the video here


A nice ride along the river, through Coney Island, where there are gravel trails every 500 meters or so that lead off the main trail and towards a small beach area where you can see the view of the Serangoon Harbor.  Once you get back into the main city area (Senggang), you run into some traffic lights.  Definitely not as challenging as some of the other cycling paths that I’ve done before, but still nice nonetheless.  There were a lot of new apartments being built, which I’ve heard a lot of the younger Singaporeans are eyeing because it’s cheaper to live in that area.


If you have any questions regarding this cycling trip I will be more than happy to answer them here!  Have a good evening everyone!

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