Day 240 – Classes that require extended discussions/activities

A little late on this post.  I’ve had quite the busy week.  My apologies.

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For this post, I wanted to think of some classes (regular classes, not Unit Assessment classes) that allow for extended discussion opportunities due to the lack of content.  I will list the classes that come to mind.  Although this could vary based on students’ overall performance, I believe even students who go at a moderate pace may complete these lessons quickly.  A lot of these classes will be Lesson 5 and Lesson 11 classes… when the final projects are introduced and listed as a reminder:

Level 2 Unit 2 Lesson 5 (MC-L2-U2-LC1-5): My VIPKID classroom 

-There are not many slides in this lesson.  I usually can manage 25 minutes easily if students are struggling, but for most students, extension is necessary.  Most of the extended discussions here require structure.  Examples could be showing the key vocabulary (e.g. “This is a desk”, “These are headphones”) from the Unit, followed by showing other things nearby (e.g. “This is a book”, “This is an apple”, “These are cards”).


Level 2 Unit 4 Lesson 1 (MC-L2-U4-LC1-1): People in my Family

-The introduction to the basic sentence patterns along with the introduction to the letter sounds for /c/, /f/, /d/, and /h/.  There is not much content here, especially if the student can follow quickly.  I usually look to extend through using the sight word “see” and making example sentences for the student.  I will sometimes also blend the /op/ sound to form CVC words and make mistakes to see if the student can catch my mistakes (if they can understand what I am doing).


Level 2 Unit 5 Lesson 11 (MC-L2-U5-LC2-11): My Toys

-There is not a whole lot of content here.  Most students can blend sounds and independently read the key sentence patterns without any problems.  Extension may be necessary with this particular lesson.  Sight words (my, big, one) are helpful for extension.  Using the sentence pattern “What do you do on the playground?” and changing it to “What do you do at home?” could provide extension opportunities if the student is advanced.


Level 2 Unit 6 Lesson 2, 4, 8, 10 (MC-L2-U5-LC1-2/4, LC2-8/10): Food I Eat, Meals of the Day

-I included these only because the shape and letter patterns can get extremely repetitive and easy for students.  Sight words (e.g. blue, red, where) provide extension opportunities.  Usually you will be fine if the students struggle with the key sentence patterns, especially with Lessons 8 and 10.


Level 2 Unit 8 Lesson 1, 5, and 11 (MC-L2-U8-LC1-1/5, L2-11): I See Colors, Colors are Everywhere

-Students can finish Lesson 1 in a heartbeat, especially if they are familiar with the colors that are introduced.  Using the sight words “two” and “three” that are introduced will provide extension opportunities.  Asking students to show things that are “red”, “blue”, and “yellow” can also help.  The key sentence patterns that are introduced are very simple.  Having students show things near them and asking “Is this red?” or “Is this yellow?” are also possible options.

-Like Lesson 1, Lesson 5 also does not have much content.  Lesson 11 has the story about Green unable to find his car, but if students can easily read on their own and answer the reading comprehension questions without any problems, the other key sentence patterns provided are quite basic and simple.


Level 2 Unit 10 Lesson 1 (MC-L2-U10-LC1-1): Animals I Know

-If the student is advanced or has no problems with the /ell/ /all/ /ill/ sounds that are introduced, there isn’t much content that the lesson provides other than the introduction of nouns.  The sight words do not provide much extension opportunities in this Unit.  Plan accordingly, especially if the student is advanced.


Level 2 Unit 11 Lesson 11 (MC-L2-U11-LC2-11): Seasons in a Year

-A lot of the content is review for the students.  Some students may struggle with the sentence pattern “What season follows ______?”.  Most of the students that I’ve seen on this lesson have no problems with the dialogues in this lesson.


Level 2 Unit 12 Lesson 1 (MC-L2-U12-LC1-1): America

-A review of Level 2 Unit 1, a lot of the dialogues are as simple as they get.  Extension opportunities can involve asking students what they do in the morning, afternoon, or evening.  You can also ask the students what time they do certain things.  On the alphabet slide, you can extend by asking the students “Can you think of a word that starts with the letter ___?”.


Level 3 Unit 3 Lesson 1-2, 4 (MC-L3-U3-LC1-1/2/4): My Body Parts

-Lesson 1 is piss easy.  I’m sure a lot of the sentence patterns may have the students thinking “What the hell is this?!?!”.  You can extend during the grammar part of the lesson: singular/plural nouns (and I mean exteeeeeeeeend).

-I included Lessons 2 and 4 because most students that I have seen have no problems with skip counting.  A lot of the slides include skip counting.  Plan accordingly.


Level 3 Unit 10 Lesson 1, 7-11 (MC-L3-U10-LC1-1, LC2-7/8/9/10/11): A Chinese in America, An American in China

-For Lesson 1, frequency adverbs are a must for extension opportunities.

-I included Lessons 7-11 because of the repetitiveness of these lessons.  I remember having a few regulars during the spring that only booked me with these lessons.  I’m sure we collectively said the sentences “Culture is art”, “Culture is music”, and “Culture is celebrations” at least 1,000 times.  The math portions in Lessons 8 and 10 don’t make things any easier.  You can definitely ask the students what they do at certain times of the day and also how often they do it (incorporating frequency adverbs as review).

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I can think of on the top of my head.  There are also some Level 4 lessons in which there is not a lot of content to work with.  I will work on these and include them in the next update.  Have a good evening everyone!









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