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Cycling from Seoul – Gapyeong, South Korea (성남 – 가평 라이딩)

Distance:  About 89km from Seongnam (slightly south of Seoul) to Gapyeong  (약89km 성남부터 가평까지)

Duration: A little more than 5 hours (약 5시간 걸렸어요)

Time & Weather: Saturday, September 30th, 2017, 26 degrees Celsius (토 9월30일 2017년, 26도)



Cycling Journey here (사이클 동영상)

Longest stretch that I’ve ridden in one day.  Personal milestone for me!

제가 하룻동안에 탄 것 중에 가장 긴 사이클 구간이었어요.  개인기록 달성했어요!


Seoul – Han River (한강)


Entering Hanam (하남시 도착함)


Near Gapyeong – Got a bit lost.  Trying to make it before nightfall. (가평 근처… 어디에 있는지 모라요…)


Gapyeong – Nightfall: 1 Us: 0


Highly recommend cycling from Seoul to Gapyeong or even Chuncheon, which is an additional 20km after Gapyeong.  Have a good week everyone!


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