Only reward system I’ve used from day 1

Good evening everyone.  I’ve been fortunate to only have one reward system and to have stuck with it from day 1.  I simply draw pictures step-by-step as students earn stars.

Video here (not as long as my other ones)

15 minutes before my very first VIPKID class, I had that smiley face tooth reward system ready to go.

5 minutes before class began, I felt as though this wouldn’t cut it. I wanted something a bit more interactive or something where the student was a bit more involved. I decided to erase the smiley face I had drawn. I quickly drew 5 stars with the 5th star being the biggest of them all.

1 minute after class began, I introduced my reward system to my first of 969 students (and counting).

I have not looked back since.

I believe this reward system is simple and engages 99% of students that I teach. Some students have decided to draw pictures for me and have me guess, while others have copied my drawings. I even have one student who draws all of my pictures on his own whiteboard, and then takes a picture of it!

I still suck at drawing, but I find 1-2 minutes out of my day to practice!

This reward system would also work really well for teachers who are frequently traveling as well!


Have a good day everyone!



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