Let’s Make Mistakes – Series


Hello everyone.

Although I’ve been teaching since 2010, I feel like I’m still a kid at heart.  I love having students play the role of the teacher.  I also love playing the role of the student.  When I taught in Korea, I once let an 11 year old Korean student teach a class of other Korean students using only English (30 minutes).  I don’t know if being a teacher is within her sights when she gets older, but for those 30 minutes, she was a damn good teacher!

I love having students ask me questions.  I also love answering incorrectly.  I do this for several reasons:

(1) It’s fun for everyone!  It keeps students engaged in the lesson.  It also makes them more comfortable and relaxed (for the quiet and nervous students).

(2) It really works their listening skills.  Not only do they have to listen, but they really need to focus, recognize, and pinpoint any mistakes you (may) make on purpose.

(3) It shows their parents that they really understand the material.  In order for students to correct the teacher, they must first already show an understanding of the content.

I will start uploading videos using clips from my classes showing examples of making mistakes on purpose.  I do this a lot with Level 2 and 3 students and occasionally with Level 4 students.


Have a good day everyone!





    1. That’s pretty cool! I have not thought about teaching the rules backwards. I will definitely give that a try!
      P.S. – I am in that group already! Appreciate the some of the shoutouts!

      1. Woops hehe I guess I’m just a big fan of your writing then! You should definitely share these posts in the group yourself! I’m sure some of the group members would be interested in reading them! 😃

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