4 apple rating or less? Either learn from them or look for someone to feel sorry for you.


I have 16 four apples.  16.  I feel like I have deserved all of those ratings.  I can also say that there are a lot of five apple ratings that I don’t deserve as well.

I have since seen 6 of those students a second time.  The 6th student was this past Monday.

She is the 5th student to give me 5 apples after previously giving me four apples.

I hold myself accountable for everything.  I’m not always a 5 apple teacher.  That is the bottom line.  No one is going to cry for me if I post on Facebook.

Just like how feedback from parents can explicitly or implicitly tell you when you are doing a good job, there will be feedback that will do the same… explicitly or implicitly.  Learn from it.

I will never understand the mentality of running away and venting the moment things don’t go your way or the moment someone says something that you don’t agree with.

Last time I checked, I got paid the same amount for these 4 apple classes.

Have a good day everyone!


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