Cycling: North Taiwan Coast

Taiwan Day 1Taiwan Day 2

I first want to give credit to Paul and his blog post about this cycling route.  I could not find any specific information on this route (in English) other than Paul’s post.

Paul’s blog post

This path involves going from Taipei, taking route 106 through Pingxi District, switching onto route 2 towards Fulong (NE Taiwan), riding along the coast towards Keelung, going through Jinshan District, Shimen District (Northern most point), Sanzhi District, and finally wrapping around towards Tamsui District and back into Taipei City.  You end up making an ugly mutated circle around North Taiwan.

day 1
Day 1
day 2.png
Day 2

How much I spent in the two days:

1 USD = 29.4 NTD (as of April 22nd, 2018)

Bike Rental: 600 NTD (300/day)

Airbnb in Keelung City: 820 NTD

Day 1 Misc Expenses: 407 NTD (130 was spent at the Keelung Night Market)

Day 2 Misc Expenses: 518 NTD (I ate a lot this day)

Total Expenses: 2345 NTD ($80)

The speed demon

Luckily, there were bike rentals at the hostel that I was staying at… one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever stayed at.  Very clean, spacious, has games, entertainment, darts board, pull down projector, and free breakfast!  Highly recommend Meander Hostel if you ever visit Taipei!

Meander Hostel Website


I will also go over the areas that I had uphill battles with.  I remember most of them and luckily was able to screenshot most of them on my phone using google maps.


I left the hostel I was staying at around 9:30 in the morning.  It was supposed to rain throughout the morning but stopped as soon as I left.  The heavens above must have been looking down on me.

Finding my way towards the Taipei Zoo and towards route 106.  This took about an hour from my hostel.


The ride from the Taipei zoo to Pingxi Distict via route 106 was very quiet and pleasant.  A lot of inclines leading up to Pingxi District.

Taipei incline Pingxi copy
Taipei incline Pingxi copy small
Inclines (close up)


After Pingxi District, it’s very easy to take route 2 with the Chinese symbol.  There is a very nice decline shortly after leaving route 106… I think it’s about a 3km decline.  Nothing but mountains and trees around.  The scenery was incredible!


You will want to take Ruifang.

From here, you ride along the coast via route 2 until you get near Keelung City.  They say Keelung City is the city that rains a lot.  Luckily I missed out!

Mountains on one side… the sea on the other

There are not any major inclines on the way to Keelung City.  There are a few inclines, but nothing as serious as the one highlighted before Pingxi District.  There were mainly truckers on the road from Fulong to Keelung City.  I would say at least two-thirds of the vehicles I saw on the road were truckers.


Arrived in Keelung City at 5:30 on the dot.  I spent about 90 minutes eating and taking photos of the sea along the coast.  The Airbnb was pleasantly nice.  It was really close to the Keelung Night Market.  I’d highly recommend the host if anyone ever wants to stay in Keelung City for a night or two.

Taiwan Day 1 detail
From my hostel to Keelung City – Day 1


After breakfast the following day, I set off around 9:25am.  I continued to take route 2 all the way around the northern part of Taiwan as I circled around back towards Taipei.  There were some major inclines that I will highlight here.

Taiwan Day 2 incline
Inclines highlighted within the big red circles


The road from Jinshan District to Shimen District was flat.  I don’t think there were any inclines whatsoever.  The sun also decided to peak out for about an hour.  It was gorgeous!

Taiwan Day 2 incline 2.jpg
All smooth!


From Baishawan Beach (seen on the map below) up until veering off to the smaller route 2, it was very hilly.  A lot of inclines and declines.

Taiwan Day 2 incline 3 copy
Up and down!~

I veered off to the other route 2.  The end was near!  I cycled into what appeared to be a new city popping up.  There were a lot of nice luxurious looking apartments being constructed throughout the area.

Taiwan Day 2 incline 4

From here, it was just a matter of finding my hostel.  I took the riverwalk cycling path that got me close enough to the hostel.


I highly recommend this cycling route for anyone who enjoys cycling, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.  This was very enjoyable.  Cycling along the coast was definitely an indelible experience!  Next time I will try to complete this in a day!  Feel free to ask if you have any questions.  Have a good day everyone!



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