Day 480 – “What the ****?!?!”

Good afternoon everyone!

480 day update
Still waiting for the day where I teach as many girls as boys for the week… not even close!

Still doing about 40 – 45 hours a week.  Still loving every minute of what I do!

Sunny: “What the ****?!?!”

If you’ve seen some of my posts on the VIPKID Facebook groups, I’m the teacher that teaches Sunny… the one who struggles to fully pronounce full sentence structures but can say “What the ****?!?!” with perfect pronunciation and tone.  Sunny dropped the F bomb 4 different times in two classes.  His random outbursts completely threw me off guard.  Sunny finally stopped after the 3rd class.  He is a semi regular so I will continue to see him.  Hopefully this is the end of this saga.


Sunny 1
Sunny’s outburst – Part 1


Sunny 2
Sunny’s outburst – Part 2

Grateful for the feedback!

2500 feedback
On my way to 3000!

Still waiting for someone to tell me what I can improve on… I know there’s always something!  Until then, I’m very grateful for the feedback (good and bad).


If you have any questions about VIPKID I would be happy to answer them.  I’m not looking for referrals whatsoever.  I genuinely enjoy teaching and only stick to that.

Have a good day everyone!

481 screenshot
Forgot to take a screen shot at day 480!









  1. Dude, share your stuff on vipkid bloggers! I watched your videos of Sunny when you put them on Facebook, so funny! Also your stats are very interesting, I’ve never thought to analyze my students, but I know I have a lot more boys then girls as well.

    1. Appreciate the feedback as always! I’ll try to share more of my posts! Sunny is one of a kind!
      I’ve always been a stats geek so I like having a personal record and just looking at it from time to time.

      1. Haha I can tell he is! Got to love the students who make your morning interesting ;). That’s what blogging is all about right? sharing what you’re passionate about? I am definitely not a stats person. In that I mean I find stats interesting, but I don’t enjoy keeping my own stats :’D

    1. It seems to be that way with a lot of the female teachers! I wonder if there are any male teachers who teach more girls than boys or female teachers who teach more boys than girls!?!?

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