Day 520 – I don’t know what to say

A little late with this…

Just chugging along~

520 update final.jpg
Made a small error here… oh well


Level 4 – Classes that require emphasis on pace and time coming soon!

This will include classes that have an overwhelming amount of material as well as classes that don’t have enough content (yes… there are a few lessons in level 4 that have bones with no meat on them)!


Someone told me I’m ‘good!’

Finally had a parent give me a 4 apple rating!  I was wondering when it would come!

4 apple 520



Sunny is still Sunny!

…minus the “what the ****?!?!” He added “School is hell” to his English repertoire. Although Sunny is somewhat back to reality, he is still full of surprises!

Sunny – VIPKID – What the ****? Part 4 (Full)

Interactive Lessons are…


Bruce 2




If you have any questions about VIPKID I would be happy to answer them.  I’m not looking for referrals whatsoever.  I genuinely enjoy teaching and only stick to that.

Have a good day everyone!

day 520 2


  1. I see your signature in a lot of teacher comment sections until I finally decided to google it and find out what the heck it meant! I think it’s funny that we teach quite a lot of the same students, haha. –Teacher Justin

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