Day 680 – Visiting students in Beijing

Busy busy busy!

Before visiting friends and family back home, I visited 9 different students throughout Beijing and Tianjin.  Tianjin is a nearby major city, accessible by their high speed bullet train.  It’s about a 30 minute commute (1 way) and cost 54.5 yuan (~$8).

It was an unforgettable and personally satisfying trip that I will forever remember!  These parents really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable throughout my time in China.  I had to even reject some of their offers because I felt like what they were willing to do and provide was unnecessary and a bit overwhelming.  I didn’t really do much of the touristy stuff because that’s not really my thing to begin with.  Usually, whenever I travel, I look for cycling paths and plan my trip based on that.  What originally was going to be a cycling journey throughout parts of China turned out to be meeting 1-2 students each day!

On Instagram (I don’t really use it that much), I decided to put small quotes based on conversations I had with the student, parent, or something that the parent said.  I will post a few samples here.  If you’d you like to see the rest of the photos, you can find them here: (

“When Phoebe was younger, she had a lot of friends.  Now she just has classmates.  It’s a pity.  Students don’t have any free time or time to play… but there is no choice” -Phoebe’s mom
“Teacher, can you come to my house to play?” “If your parents are okay, then sure.” “They are okay.” “Okay.” “YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!” *Vicky started screaming and dancing with excitement.  Everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and just stared.  Vicky kept dancing without a care in the world.*
“My mom travels from Beijing to Shandong for work.  It is 450km away.  She leaves home on Sunday night and gets home on Friday evening.  She wants Friday and Saturday classes, but she cannot always grab it.” -Oscar

If you have any questions about my trip as well as visiting the students and their families, I’d be happy to answer them!  It was an amazing experience and I’d recommend anyone who has a chance to visit some of their students in the opportunity presents itself.

Day 680
Getting back on track after the trip and visiting family

I DO intend on completing the level 4 lesson guide to pacing.  I honestly haven’t had the time to work on it as of late.  My sincere apologies!

Day 680 1Day 680 2

If you have any questions about VIPKID I would be happy to answer them.  I’m not looking for referrals whatsoever.  I genuinely enjoy teaching and only stick to that.


Have a good weekend everyone!


    1. Hi! Sorry I didn’t even notice the comment! I haven’t updated this in a while! I used Wechat to communicate with the parents. I hope to continue to connect with more students!

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