Day 800 – Visiting Students in Hong Kong

It is certainly been a long time since I last made an update!


Hong Kong

I made a mini stop to Hong Kong in January.  Met 5 more students.  Feel free to check out the rest of the stories via instagram if you would like to read more!



“I searched through the list of teachers for 2 days.  I was not sure about VIPKID at first.  In Hong Kong, online education is still very new.  Many children (still) go to English centers to learn English.  You will not see advertisements for VIPKID in Hong Kong.  After Mandy’s first class, she said she really liked it.  She was very active.  I think online education is the future.  You don’t need to take time to get dressed, go outside, and come back.  We can use that time to do other things.  Thank you for your valuable time.  Mandy really likes you.”

If you have any questions about my trip as well as visiting the students and their families, I’d be happy to answer them!  It was an amazing experience and I’d recommend anyone who has a chance to visit some of their students in the opportunity presents itself.  I hope to meet 50 students by the end of the year.


Shanghai, Nanjing, and maybe Hubei/Ningbo

I will also be making a trip to Shanghai and Nanjing this May!  I have a total of 13-14 names of students that I want to meet.  About half have already confirmed.  Hubei will happen IF I can get in contact with the great Sunny.

If anyone has any requests or would like me to ask the parents anything in particular, please feel free to reach out.  Most of the parents have been more than happy to share their thoughts about VIPKID.

Day 800 update
I can’t remember the last time I taught 100 classes in a week.


800 Day SS

If you have any questions about VIPKID I would be happy to answer them.  I’m not looking for referrals whatsoever.  I genuinely enjoy teaching and only stick to that.


Have a good weekend everyone!





  1. Hi. I would love to know why parents send priority booking requests when they know I am away or not working certain hours. The rumour is that when a teacher refuses the parent can then book another teacher and avoid the Monday frenzy. Curious if this is true. If yes, does it give the parent an advantage for us to quickly refuse the request, or does an expired request do the job just as well ( I want to save time, but like my parents so want to help if it makes life easier for them)
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Catherine. I’m not really sure. I have noticed the same thing happening on my end as well. It’s especially annoying that parents can now request to book during breaks or hours that you don’t work (as you stated). I can ask one of the parents and find out. I’m honestly not sure.

      Also, appreciate the kind words! =)

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