Day 1000 – Visiting Students in Shenzhen

China Trip #4

China Trip #4 in the books.  A lot of firsts on this particular trip.  First time getting adequate sleep each and every night.  First time meeting twin students in America.  First time getting a student no show in real life.

“I started reading English books to Vian when he was about two.  He loves reading books.  I’m glad I don’t have to force him to use English.”
“Middle school life is hard.  I’m in school from 7am-5:30pm… There is so much homework! My mom will sometimes rush me to finish my homework.  If I could finish it sooner, I would.  My mom worries that I’m not getting enough sleep.”

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VIPKID student stories and adventures

China Trip #5: Ningbo

I am planning to take a quick trip out to Ningbo, which is southeast of Shanghai.  There are 4 students that I would like to meet there.  I will be figuring out when that trip will be.

Schedule Update:

1000 day update
For the first time ever, I had a week where I taught more girls than boys.


If you have any questions about VIPKID I would be happy to answer them.  I’m not looking for referrals whatsoever.  I genuinely enjoy teaching and only stick to that.


Have a good day everyone!

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