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Hello everyone!  I decided to edit the “about me” page and really put some thought into who I am.  That being said, this is me!

My name is Brian.  I’ve been blessed with this fire in me that refuses to settle for a normal life. Not to say that normal is bad, but rather I know there’s a lot out there that I don’t know about.  I enjoy being challenged and viewing two sides of the spectrum, regardless of what the majority may say or think.  I love talking to people and learning about other people’s values and beliefs.

I am very passionate about two things – teaching and long distance cycling.

I love teaching for VIPKID.  Although the flexibility and the platform are both great, those aren’t the main reasons as to why I love what I do.   I love what I do because (1) I see the impact I have and (2) everything is on me.  These two things have led me to where I am today.  It’s why I’ve yet to have a day (420 days and counting) where I’ve woken up and said to myself: “I don’t want to teach today.” It’s why I always make sure I perform to the best of my ability!  That includes proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and high energy.  I am my best prop!

Jack final project
I need to take some drawing lessons from my student!

I love long distance cycling.  I still consider myself a novice, but a legend in the making!  I believe cycling is the perfect pace to really take everything in; not too fast nor too slow.  I love conquering cycling paths… no matter how difficult or arduous.


I intend to use this blog for VIPKID teaching updates as well as cycling updates.  I also intend to do 69 second book reviews at some point very soon!  Have a good day everyone!


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