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Hello everyone,

For those of you who are already VIPKID teachers, you may recognize me as the teacher who teaches Sunny… the student who screams “WHAT THE #*%*!?!?”

Sunny & his singing flower!~


My VIPKID journey began in early 2017.  I had just completed a teaching stint in South Korea from 2011-2016 and had no desire to return to teaching whatsoever.  I tried VIPKID as a last resort and ended up falling in love with it!  I have yet to have a day where I’ve woken up and thought “I don’t want to do this shit today!”  How cool is that?!?!? I have now taught over 10000 classes and enjoy every single minute of it!

“My mom travels from Beijing to Shandong for work.  It is 450km away.  She leaves home on Sunday night and gets home on Friday evening.  She wants Friday and Saturday classes, but she cannot always grab it.” -Oscar


I went to Beijing in October 2018.  Originally, I had just planned on cycling.  Next thing I knew, I ended up meeting 9 of my students.  I fell in love with meeting all of the students and sharing their stories via Instagram!  Since then, it has become a personal goal to meet 50 of my students.  It has been an indelible experience meeting the families and getting to know each and every one of them on a more personal level.  I want my posts and stories to be fixated on the students rather than my experiences traveling around China.

“I searched through the list of teachers for 2 days.  I was not sure about VIPKID at first. In Hong Kong, online education is still very new. Many children (still) go to English centers to learn English. You will not see advertisements for VIPKID in Hong Kong… I think online education is the future… Thank you for your valuable time.  Mandy really likes you.”

Meeting students in person is my way of saying thank you.  Thank you for choosing me out of a pool of 70,000+ teachers.  It has become my goal to meet as many of my students as I can. I don’t take any of this for granted.  I feel like this opportunity won’t be around in a couple of years.  I don’t want to look back and think “I should have done this” or “I should have done that” to the point where I “should myself to death.”  I know I still got a long road ahead of me, but this is the first time where I’ve felt this much fulfillment in what I do.  I love the feeling that 100% of what I do is on me.


My goal of this blog is to have random updates, but to also share my personal experiences with everything VIPKID!  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about meeting students, expectations when traveling to China, or anything VIPKID!


Have a good day everyone!~



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