Distance: Roughly 22km (Cycling from Kokura Station and following along the Murasaki River out of the city and cycling back along the river towards Kokura Station).

Duration: 80 minutes

Time & Weather: Thursday, September 14th, Cloudy, 26 degrees Celsius

Cost: 600yen (~$5.30) – unlimited up until 6PM

Cute little city.  Nice getaway for a few days.

Cycling video (fuzzy when riding alongside trees)



Without question – Always go for that “Nemacystus decipiens”


Nemacystus decipiens

Have a good evening everyone!

Distance: Approximately 70 kilometers there and back (only completed 48km)

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes

Time & Weather: Sunday, April 30th, 2017.  Partly sunny, 16 degrees Celsius

Watch the video here (some parts are grainy and I’m not sure why)

This was a bit of a challenging but gorgeous trail about 40 kilometers West of Portland.  I wasn’t aware of the steady incline from Banks to Vernonia, Oregon.  That, along with sleeping only 3.5 hours the night before, was killer.  I am intending to go back to this trail at some point before I head back overseas and complete the 68 kilometers there and back.elevation

Highly recommend for anyone into cycling living in the Portland area.  It’s a 32-40 kilometer drive on highway US 26 heading towards Astoria.  vernonia banks map


If you have any questions regarding this cycling trip I will be more than happy to answer them here!  Have a good evening everyone!